Sweatered Up

Girls, girls, girls! It's that time of the year where we get to surround ourselves in cozy warm sweaters and giant cardigans, not to mention warming our hands on steaming cups.  Girls go rock out your fall boots thick stockings under your favorite pair of shorts!  Instead of getting depressed by the cold and the darkness, lets welcome the fall and its cozy style with open arms. I mean, who could possibly be sad when they feel nice and warm from outside in and know they look great, right? For me at least it seems to be working since according to her i was "in obnoxiously good mood". Oh well, what do you know! Until later, xoxo Juuls

The white cardigan is a gift from my neighbors when i moved away from the us
The high waist denim shorts are from Hollister 
The studded leather boots are from Vagabond
The silver necklace is from Kalevala
The lava necklace's source is unknown but i got it as a souvenir