Hey guys! Today we had a "celebration" at  our school for the Finnish Independence Day, which is tomorrow. In our school it's mandatory to dress up but I kind of like it as I'll take up any chance to dress nicely. 

I've been such a home buddy lately. My life literally consists of chilling, drinking tea with friends, and the gym. I blame the cold and the darkness. I just don't feel like heading out to the freezing night with skimpy party clothes. On the other hand, we do have the senior cruise to Stockholm coming up so I guess I'll have to dig out my party mood. Unlike the most people, I'm more excited about the shopping scene and the cute little cafes than I am about the party aspect. It's going to be super fun though because we are staying over for one night in a hotel before heading back to the cruise ship. 

I think one thing anyone should know about me is that I'm SUCH a christmas enthusiast. Sometimes it may even get to the point where it's obnoxious. I've even started to listening christmas music already. Every year I make my annual christmas playlist. Do you guys love christmas, or is it one of those obnoxious holidays you can't stand? 

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!


Days can get only so much darker until they will get longer and lighter again

Coat- Only
Purse- DKNY
Necklace- Bik Bok 

Happy days! Exams are over! For the first time in a long time I haven't suffered form Sunday anxiety. The day started off with a delicious Moroccan brunch. I have to admit I'm a sucker for brunches. In a nutshell a brunch is basically a justification for eating breakfast food for lunch in addition to lunch food. I mean come on, the concept is genius. After that I quickly got in some gym time and then headed over to the movies to see The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. As a fan
of the book series I was a little bit worried of how they were going to add all the complex events of the book to one single movie but I was positively surprised of the great job they did! I didn't get bored at all even though the movie was longer than average.

Mmmmmm Moroccan brunch...

Now that I have procrastinated and chilled for the weekend I guess I'll have to get back to work...
What did you guys think of my OOTD?

Stay strong even though the days are getting darker,



Soft Light

necklace -

Today's look was more romantic and soft. My godmother gave me her old lace tunic and I decided to make something of it and use it as a dress. Even though it's not vintage, it does carry a similar vibe I think. My new necklace that I ordered from finally arrived and it goes perfectly with the dress! It kind of adds a modern edge to it in my opinion. Some of my looks are experiments, in which I try out a piece of clothing I normally wouldn't wear. This look was definitely one of them as I usually don't wear tunics. However it did turn out pretty successful as it has this cool boho-chic vibe to it. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?




So as you guys can see, I have a violet tint in my hair!! I'm quite excited about it as it is something I have never had before. I absolutely love makeovers so I'm excited to have a completely new vibe to my hair! 

Today my school organized an open day to different universities in the Helsinki area. I went to a lecture for the law school of Helsinki and it really got me pumped and motivated. I still have to figure out whether I want to go study in England or stay here in Finland. I guess the decision mostly depends on what university will have me.  

I love the outfit I wore today. The necklace definitely makes the outfit alongside with the boots. It was again proved how easy it is to make a basic outfit into something special with the right details. I love the sturdiness of the boots because they add an edge to my otherwise so soft look.

I hope you guys will have a good weekend! I will be celebrating mine by throwing a halloween party (who knew throwing parties could be so stressful). I also finally decided on a halloween costume but for now I'll keep it a secret. You'll see it when the time comes. ;)

Until then,


OOTD: Fake it until you make it

The white (fake) leather jacket is from Armani Exchange. It is my baby and I love it to death. I got it from Woodbury Common Outlets (It's a shopper's paradyse) and it was such an awesome find because the price was cut in half! The shoes I actually got from Ibiza but I can't remember the name of the store (If you're interested though I am willing to find out but you just need to let me know). The bad is from Zara and the shorts are from Hollister.

The school in Finland is starting in 6 days! 6 DAYS! I'm so nervous because I already know I have a tough year ahead. But do you know what makes the nerves fly out of the window? A KILLER BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFIT! Do you already know what to wear?



Nolita Girls

I'm wearing a bando/bralette and a loose knitted sweater both from Brandy Melville, high waisted shorts from Mystique, and a necklace from Gina Tricot.

Elna's shirt and the skirt are from Brandy Melville and the studded vest with lace on the back is from Mystique.
I'm back from my two-week trip to New York! The trip was a success. I got to spend some time in the city and get inspired by some downtown street fashion, and most importantly I got to reunite and spend two fabulous weeks with my old friends. For the first week of our stay we rented a flat in Nolita, which is definitely one of my favorite parts of Manhattan. Nolita, loyal to its name is right on the border of Little Italy (NoLIta = North of Little Italy). Other neighborhoods next to it are SoHo and Chinatown. Nolita is full of cute little cafes and unique restaurants. Nolita girls and guys freely rock out their own styles creating a relaxed chic and urban vibe to the neighbor hood. Also, I cannot even tell you how many fashion photo shoots I saw while roaming the streets. Maybe one day I will become a Nolita girl as well but for now my dream will continue to live on as what it is, just a dream.

On the second week we packed our bags, hopped on the local train and moved to our old hometown on the border of New York. It was amazing to see all the familiar faces and meet new wonderful people! In short summary, the week consisted of crashing at friends' houses, the beach, and what would a stay in the U.S. be without good old house parties and red cups! The time went by so fast and it felt as if we had never left. As our "grand finale" we decided to hit the warped tour (for those who don't know what warped is, it is a music festival) on the last day. It was the perfect ending for the trip. Leaving was sad but fortunately this is not a goodbye, it is only a see you later!

We saw 3Oh!3 from the front row!

Picture credits from both pictures to Xanthi!

10 Summer Things You'll Want

Okay so in Finland the summer vacation already started almost a month ago but I know that for many of you the vacation has just recently begun.
Every summer there are certain trends that are only associated with that particular summer. For example, do you remember that summer when people (me included) rocked feather extensions in their hair? Or last summer when almost everyone (yet again me included) had done the dip dye coloring for their hair? Last summer high waisted booty shorts, hipster backpacks, and lace were in. Many trends will extend from summer to summer such as high waisted booty shorts, bralettes, and ombre, which will undoubtedly be seen in fashion this summer as well.
In this post I will try to predict or determine 10 items that are goint to be the thing this summer.

Personally, I love this new trend. It has been always very hard for me to find sunglasses that fit my face structure but round and especially cat-like sunglasses fit me better than any other shapes! By adding these sunnies to your outfit you definitely make a statement and add some 'umpfh' to your look.

me sporting my own favorite pair! :)



Maxi skirts, See through maxi skirts with short skirts underneath, maxi dresses, all things maxi! They are all so stylish, yet so, so comfortable. You can look sexy without constantly having to pull on the hem of your skirt or dress or constantly having to worry about flashing. Ladies! How convenient is this new trend?! Also it shades you from the sun! You can also style the same dress/skirt to  look either casual or fancy depending on the event.

These sandals have been everywhere this spring because you can pair them with almost anything! You can pair them with shorts, cute summer dresses, or even torn up boyfriend jeans. Now that it's summer and the weather will get warmer, more people will be able to sport this trend without frozen feet.

I have seen this particular trend in many shoes in many stores now. All kinds of shoes of all kinds of materials are now getting their own metal coats. However, it is the most common in pumps with a pointed tip.


 Leather vests are so incredibly cool! I have made myself a promise of owning one or two vests before the end of the summer. Even better: You can extend this trend to fall as well by layering the vest on top of cozy sweaters and cardigans or maybe even denim shirts!

Loafers are also a trend that will surely extend to the fall season. That is also why it will be a good investment. There are loafers for all styles. Satin, studded, printed, you name it!


I don't think I need to introduce this trend to you. Bralettes are everywhere!!

 This trend is expensive even though they can be seen on many fashion bloggers! However, espardille flats are a fun and summery trend. You can slip them on and off easily. There are many cheaper options out there as well!


This might have been a spring thing but I'm predicting that we will see tied up plaids during the summer as well!


In Finland and Sweden we recently celebrated the day marking midsummer. A part of the tradition is to pick flowers and create a flower crown from them. However, this year flower crowns and head pieces have been worn all around the world through out the summer.

 Have a great summer lovelies!