Days can get only so much darker until they will get longer and lighter again

Coat- Only
Purse- DKNY
Necklace- Bik Bok 

Happy days! Exams are over! For the first time in a long time I haven't suffered form Sunday anxiety. The day started off with a delicious Moroccan brunch. I have to admit I'm a sucker for brunches. In a nutshell a brunch is basically a justification for eating breakfast food for lunch in addition to lunch food. I mean come on, the concept is genius. After that I quickly got in some gym time and then headed over to the movies to see The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. As a fan
of the book series I was a little bit worried of how they were going to add all the complex events of the book to one single movie but I was positively surprised of the great job they did! I didn't get bored at all even though the movie was longer than average.

Mmmmmm Moroccan brunch...

Now that I have procrastinated and chilled for the weekend I guess I'll have to get back to work...
What did you guys think of my OOTD?

Stay strong even though the days are getting darker,