Christmas Jumper - Misguided
Jacket - NLY from Nelly

Merry Christmas! I wore this look a few days back but didn't had time to post it, which is why it's here now. I figured that today was the last chance before Christmas, since my flight to Tanzania takes off early tomorrow! The jacket and the jumper were both the direct consequence of the treacherous cyber Monday. My weak heart simply cannot resist sales.
As I won't be able to spend Christmas in the most traditional way this year since I'll be on a freaking safari (awesomee!!), I was grateful to be able to fly to Finland for a few days beforehand. I made it my mission to spend Christmas to my best ability before leaving, and if you count eating Christmas cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner, then I think I succeeded pretty well. 

Adieu for now!

 Stay off of the naughty list (or don't!)