Online shopping kills

Hey guys! So today I went on a small browsing adventure and found some new favorite online shops! I don't know if these websites feature international shipping but if nothing else, they are a great source of inspiration! Here are some outfits I built from the items I found on each site. (:

Hei ihanaiset! Olin taas tänään seikkailemassa netissä ja tuli leydettyä pari uutta nettikauppa lempparia. En yhtään tiedä miten kyseiset sivustot toimittavat tuotteita kansainvälisesti, mutta jos ei muuta niin ainakin nämä voivat toimia inspiraationa! Tässä muutamia asukokonaisuuksia, joita laittelin kasaan yksittäisistä tuotteista. (:



Now if only I had money to get all that stuff... sigh! 
Nyt kun vaan olis rahaa tohon kaikkeen... huokaus!


A video on what I got for christmas!

Hey guys! I thought I'd make a small video of what I got for christmas just for the fun of it! It's my first video I've ever made so be kind haha. What did you get for christmas? Tell me in the comments below (:

Heissan! Tein videon, sellasen "haul" tyyppisen jutun siitä mitä sain joululahjaksi! Tää oli pääasiallisesti vaan ihan kokeilu mielessä muita videoita varten joten kertokaahan sitte että mitä tykkäsitte! Pahoittelut siitä että toi on englanniksi. Jos on kysyntää niin voin tehä ihan suomeksi niille jotka eivät halua tai ymmärrä englanniksi! Kertokaas myös että mitä te saitte joululahjaksi, ois tosi kiva kuulla! --> (:

xoxo Juuls

Merry Christmas, Love

On the Gentleman in the 7th picture:
White dress shirt- Paul Smith
Black jacket- Giorgio Armani

I'm wearing:
White blouse with a lace collar- Cubus
On my sister:
White sweater- Only
White Dress - Macy's

Merry christmas or shall I say "happy holidays" to all of my dear readers! I hope you all will have the most amazing holiday season whether you celebrate christmas or not! I'm wearing a shirt with a lace collar from Cubus. It's a christmas present from a dear friend and I'm already in love with it!

Hyvää joulua mun kaikille ihanille lukijoille! Vaikka pitäis varmaankin sanoa "Happy Holidays" elikkä  hyvää loma sesonkia niinkun jenkeissä sanotaan poliittisen korrektisti koska eihän kaikki vietä joulua!  Mun päällä tänä jouluaattona oli ihana pitsikauluksinen paitapusero Cubukselta. Sain sen joululahjaksi eräältä ystävältä ja täytyy sanoa että oon jo aivan rakastunut siihen! 



Bag- Alexander Wang
White bow top- Good Night Macaroon
Spike necklace- ASOS
Black wedges- Daily Look
Studded leather shorts with a zipper- UNIF (
Stockings - American Apparel

Today i felt like doing a brief outfit collage! It's been raining the whole day which has been giving me killer head aches... I've spent the whole day on look book and different online stores drooling on all the lovely clothes and I came into a conclusion: I NEED MORE SHOES! I seriously feel like i'm recycling 2 pairs of shoes and it's getting so boring. I need to start saving up! I feel so unproductive today and i'm supposed to write a paper and a lab report for bio... Ah crap. The only productive thing i did today was going to the gym.
However on a higher note, i have a hair appointment booked for tomorrow and i'm really excited! I hope my hair's not gonna turn out disaster since i've been waiting for this for a month now. Yikes!!
xxxx, Juuls

Online Shop Until You Drop And When You Do, Eat Ice Cream!

If I had to name one flaw in my myself I'd say procrastination. Ok fine and maybe an excessive need for B&J's.. But honestly I had a tough day so maybe I'll get my ass excused just this one time haha. So instead of working on my economics IA and studying for my math exam, I got stuck online shopping in and here are the things I found! Maybe when I get more money I can buy some of them. Also, my mom promised to buy me leggings if i clean up and organize my closet first.. Yikes! Enjoy your night lovelies and remember that tonight it's ok to procrastinate 'cuz I think we all deserve to be freed from our bad conscience tonight, ok? ok!
xxox, Juuls

Don't be scared, who cares if we lose again?

Marshmallows and Cozy Sweaters

Thanks to Pii (go check out her blog over here) I got to borrow her huge cozy pink sweater! I'm completely and utterly in love with it... See, I hate Thursdays so i wanted to just throw on something cozy and big. The sweater turned out to be cozy and fashionable = perfect!  The cute marshmallow pink color is a sweet bonus.
xxo, Juuls

Sweatered Up

Girls, girls, girls! It's that time of the year where we get to surround ourselves in cozy warm sweaters and giant cardigans, not to mention warming our hands on steaming cups.  Girls go rock out your fall boots thick stockings under your favorite pair of shorts!  Instead of getting depressed by the cold and the darkness, lets welcome the fall and its cozy style with open arms. I mean, who could possibly be sad when they feel nice and warm from outside in and know they look great, right? For me at least it seems to be working since according to her i was "in obnoxiously good mood". Oh well, what do you know! Until later, xoxo Juuls

The white cardigan is a gift from my neighbors when i moved away from the us
The high waist denim shorts are from Hollister 
The studded leather boots are from Vagabond
The silver necklace is from Kalevala
The lava necklace's source is unknown but i got it as a souvenir


Hey lovelies! Sorry i kinda went MIA for a while but its because my mom took the camera to our countryside house (honestly i have no idea what else to call it) so i couldn't take pictures for you guys. But anyways i'm back! Also i FINALLY got a nose piercing woo!  (: So here's the outfit of the day, I hope you enjoy! (: xxxx juuls
The Army jacket from Pull and Bear
The shoes from Marco Venezia
The shirt is from Gina Tricot

A Small Break to Take a Deep Breath

 Hey lovelies! I finally have a fall break in school so i'm basically going to do nothing other than chill for the whole week! This semester is going to be tough academically so it's a nice break to just take a deep breath and ready myself for the race. I photographed some key pieces and favorites from my wardrobe to give you guys a rough idea of what i'm working with haha! Enjoy. xx