Spring days

White leather jacket - Armani Exchange
Jeans and the top - Gina Tricot
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Shout out to the guy who insisted on getting in the picture!! I decided I might as well include it here. We've enjoyed a lovely, sunny, spring weather here in FInland for quite some days now. I seriously hope that the weather doesn't change because I already have plans for another shoot next weekend. Today, I slept in and then went to have lunch at my grandma's place. My study leave finally begins on Tuesday! Yay!! Hopefully I will see you guys very soon in the form of another post. ;)



Shoe crush Saturday: 6 shoe trends for the spring and summer!

Alright, so I spent this weekend mainly online shopping for shoes. For one, I discovered the magical asos market place. (why haven't anyone told me about it before, I mean come on what a brilliant idea?!!) And while doing that, I started spotting the shoe trends that I had already seen on the runways and on my favorite fashionistas. Inspired by that, I decided to gather all the main shoe trends that I suspect will be seen in great deal this spring and summer.

1. chelsea boots - with or without a heel

I don't know if this trend could be defined as something entirely new as the chelsea is a shoe classic, but the trend is definitely coming back this spring, stronger than ever. I personally love this trend! The shoes look banging with rolled boyfriend jeans, black skinnies, high-waisted shorts, dresses, anything! I love it when the shoes are paired with white socks peaking at the ankles. Also, as you may have seen, this trend has now extended to chelsea boots with high heels and even a new cool "chunkier" look. (See the next trend.) 
2. chunky cleated platforms 

As I hinted on earlier, this trend is very wide and extends to different types of shoes such as the chelsea boots, sandals, you name it! I have also spied a trend with different combinations of black and white. The most common combination is to have a white sole and a black boot. I actually just ordered myself a pair of boots from river island with this particular color play. Also, I have already spotted the  black boots with a cleated sole on the streets of Helsinki! ;) 

3. "Slip in platforms"

I did not know what this shoe model with a low cut ankle is called so I named them conveniently 'platform slip in:s'. This model has been mostly enforced by Jeffery Campbell in his latest shoe designs but I have spotted the trend elsewhere now as well. I really like the cut or the model! We'll see how this trend turns out.

4. The gym/mule sandals (?)

Okay so this is a new trend that I yet have to get used to. Kind of like the surface of skinny jeans back in the day. I think I'll test these cute little slippers out when the weather gets warmer because right now it's way too cold.

5. Cut outs!!

Cut-outs are here! I find this one of the most fun and innovative shoe trends so far. I can't wait to find my own perfect pair of cut outs! I'm personally in love with the chelsea cut outs.

6. Vans 

I've seen these shoes everywhere now. One day I commented on it to my sister and she asked: "Haven't they always been 'in'?" Well have they? I don't know, but I do know that they will be worn by all fashionistas more than ever this spring. My favorites are the simple black ones with white bottom. They look perfect with pants that cut right above the ankle, so roll up those boyfriend jeans and slip in some vans shoes!

7. White Adidas sneakers

Adidas Stan Smith:s are classics. This white new trend will be best paired with long coats and fancy wear to create an interesting contrast.

Until Next Time,



New week, new games

Hey lovelies!
Today I wore a white blazer (it's an old one I decided to bring back one more time from the reject pile heading to UFF), a sweater (that actually has studs on the shoulders) and a good old beanie to hide a baaaaad hair day. As I was rocking full-out oldies today, I can't tell you the source of things I wore as I quite honestly don't remember (except for the purse from DKNY). My life is still "same old, same old". We have a little less than two weeks left until our study leave starts! For national line students the matriculation exams are almost over already and I'm sooo jealous! On a more positive note though, I finally sent in my application to Maastricht for law!! I have decided to not go to Liverpool after all regardless of the offer, so it looks like my choices are going to be either Maastricht, a gap year and a finnish law school or a gap year and reapplying to UK. We'll see what I decide when the time comes…

Also, I have (still) been working out and I'm beginning to see some progress!! I can almost see my abs!  This week I'm having a detox week so I'm hoping to see some progress by the end of it as well.

I hope you all kicked off your week well! We'll see if I'm going to act like a bear who has been stung in the back by the end of this week ha ha! Wish me luck.


Happy National Ladies' Day!

Happy belated national ladies' day, ladies! In Finland, the ladies' day was celebrated yesterday but someone told me there was an international ladies' day on Friday! Is this true? Anyhow, me and my friends celebrated it by eating out and grabbing a movie afterwards. As women we have come far in this society. Everyday there are less and less limits to how we are able to live our lives. I think all women should celebrate that! More specially though, ladies' day is a good day to think about those women who are still struggling for their freedom and rights. For example, the women in India are still struggling with the awful rape culture, but due to media attention things have started to change. I'm not saying that in the short future we will be able to celebrate the ladies' day with confidently saying that women around the world have the rights they deserve, but I'm an optimist and I'm saying that we are closely getting there!

Mmm, gelato!