Happy National Ladies' Day!

Happy belated national ladies' day, ladies! In Finland, the ladies' day was celebrated yesterday but someone told me there was an international ladies' day on Friday! Is this true? Anyhow, me and my friends celebrated it by eating out and grabbing a movie afterwards. As women we have come far in this society. Everyday there are less and less limits to how we are able to live our lives. I think all women should celebrate that! More specially though, ladies' day is a good day to think about those women who are still struggling for their freedom and rights. For example, the women in India are still struggling with the awful rape culture, but due to media attention things have started to change. I'm not saying that in the short future we will be able to celebrate the ladies' day with confidently saying that women around the world have the rights they deserve, but I'm an optimist and I'm saying that we are closely getting there!

Mmm, gelato!