What I have been up to, lately

I've felt lately that I'm living in this weird 'in-between' period at the moment. Nothing feels permanent. I am freshly out of uni, working a temporary job in a café, looking for another temporary job in a law firm, just to (hopefully) begin a masters degree next year, which also will eventually come to an end. Everything feels uncertain. This feeling has my mind up in a limbo, the only cure to it being the art of living in the moment. But how does one actually live in the moment? How do I stop worrying about other people already working and taking steps towards their success? How do I stop feeling like I'm in the waiting room for the next chapter of my life to start? 

I've noticed the difficulty of living in the moment particularly on the days when I have a day off, but my mind is already stuck thinking about the next day at work. I think that a lot of young people can relate to what I'm feeling, and the resulting feeling of anxiety. I think that the human mind in general has always had trouble of dealing with uncertainty of the future. So lately, I've made it my mission to try to live strictly in the moment and stop worrying. To enjoy the small moments of life, regardless of the next hour, day, or year: The happy moments in a café, having tea at home with friends, or just being in bed watching series. 

Despite the stress of the future (and a few breakdowns after rejections from the job hunt) I've had some really good moments. I travelled to Cardiff and London with my brother to see our sister, I spent a lazy day with two of my best friends just shopping and chilling in cafés, and right now it's 3 pm and I'm sitting in bed in PJs writing this post and eating pizza. I just ordered online a killer vintage puffer coat that, get this, is reversible and next week I will be traveling back to Maastricht for my graduation ceremony (!!) and will see some of my other amazing best friends (!!!!). 

So, if I want you to get one thing out of my 3pm bed ramblings, then it is this:
We shouldn't perceive these 'temporary' periods, moments, or things in life with anxiety or negativity as we tend to do. Instead we should embrace the inconstant and fickle things in life because they are temporary. Because they advocate change, self-development and new opportunities. 

After all, life is not where I end up, but it's the sum of those moments of my life that got me there. So it's time that I finally get my arse out of this 'mind limbo' of worrying, and start living in the moment.

A hundred kisses,


Unpublished x Amalfi Coast, Italy

Some unpublished material from Sorrento (which technically is not counted as 'Amalfi coast' but is in the area) and Positano, the village favoured by the rich and famous.

(Photos ordered: first. Sor. Next Pos.)