Shopping in Ibiza town

Maxi skirt - Misguided
Top - H&M
Jewelry - Vila

We spent our first day in Ibiza by doing some serious shopping. Mathilde hadn't arrived from Belgium yet so it was just us three; Elna, Esther, and I. It was one of the very few cloudy days so shopping seemed fitting. Ibiza town is the biggest town/city on the island and has various shops. Bershka and Pull&Bear are so cheap in spain in comparison to their stores in Northern Europe for example. I also found a store called "Women'secret", which is kind of like the Victoria's secret, but cheaper. Still regardless of the modest pricing, the products are high quality and I bought two bras that I absolutely adore. You wouldn't think of a trip to Ibiza to be a shopping trip but I always end up coming back home with way too many shopping bags. 
This look I wore is probably one of my favorites. I'm seriously obsessed with the crop top-maxi skirt combo. I feel like I recycle this look way too much but what can I say? It's just so easy to put together and almost always looks good. Fortunately I own three different maxi skirts so I'm able to switch it around. The bronze chains added this "greek goddess" vibe, which I think fit right into the tropical, paradise-like atmosphere of Ibiza. What do you think?