Look book of the day

Jeans - basically DIY (read below)
Sweater - ASOS
Shoes - Timberland
Bag - Zara

My jeans are an excellent example of how to take something old from your closet and transform them into something new. I bought the jeans a few years back in Gina Tricot. Back then the jeans were regular straight cut jeans and had a few slits in the front. The pant was also long and rolled up. However, nature took its course on the jeans and through wear and use the slits got progressively bigger up until today when the two slits had tore up so much that I decided to go Gigi Hadid style and just make them into one big torn up hole. Since I had already been bitten by the DIY bug and was holding scissors in my hand, I decided to crop the leg of the pants asymmetrically as well, another current jean trend. When cropping or tearing up your jeans DIY, a handy tip is to use a nail file (or sand paper) to create that worn look and soften the edges of the cut if that makes sense. 

I actually got the bag I'm wearing on Black Friday but of course it happened to not be on sale. The weak bitch that I am I still couldn't put it down, so now it's mine and I haven't been happier. I hope I'm not the only one whose will power for spending wisely has been undermined this holiday season...? Ok, I am maybe over exaggerating  a little. After all, the bag was only 40e. On the other hand, 40e translates to at least 400 packs of noodles if we talk in the universal currency of university students. Still, no regrets, I'm in love with my bag. Besides, I'd rather convert my purchase to my own personal 'how-much-exactly-am-I-sacraficing-here currency': Kiko liquid lipsticks. And 40 e converts to four and a half. Ehh, ok not that bad but I did miss out on four new lipstick shades that could have really made a difference...

Anyways, that's all for this post! I hope all of you my fellow fashionistas are kicking back in style this holiday season. Remember to convert the price of all the christmas presents you are getting yourself into your 'sacrafice currency' to make smart choices, like Kiko lipsticks... or noodle cups... Just kidding. Treat yo self!

Kiss kiss,