Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cap - River Island
Jacket - Philosophy Blues Original (I added the belt)
Shoes - H&M

My two friends and I decided to make a day trip somewhere after our exams were finally over. After looking at different cities in Belgium and Netherlands we ended up deciding on Rotterdam. It proved to be the perfect destination for switching up the scenery for a little bit, as it was in direct contrast with our dainty little Maastricht. Rotterdam looks like a city of the future with its modern extraordinary architecture. In fact, the whole city seemed to be some sort of an art exhibition. The futuristic buildings were seamlessly blending together with the beautiful trees and rivers, as well as with its metropolitan bridges and artsy colorful street cafes. 
The weird thing was that I had been told beforehand of Rotterdam being an ugly city. This seemed like a joke to me while I was standing in the city looking at the sun blinking off of the glass surfaces and the colorful fall trees swaying against the blue sky. 

A tip: If you arrive by train, go to the small information hut in the entrance hall. There you can buy a map (1e) and the information desk worker can mark down the location of the town hall (and the small yellow huts), the erasmus bridge, and the restaurant/pub street. The city also has a zoo which looks pretty cool, but it may require its own day to explore. Everything is in a walking distance from the station but the city also operates a tram network, which is very easy to use. (Ahem, for example if you aren't wearing very comfortable shoes...) 

Fun facts of the day: You know, the smart person that I am, I forgot to turn on my alarm before falling a sleep the night before. As a result, I had to get ready (without any exaggeration) in 15 minutes... For someone like me this equals breaking an olympic record... Especially if you consider that I managed to shower, do my makeup, hair, and also manage to look okay. I mean, impressive right? (Yes, yes, most people get ready in 15 minutes on a daily basis, blah, blah. Just let me have my moment, ok?). Another incident took place when we ordered food in a restaurant and they forgot our order completely. The awesome part was that the waiter ended up being awesome and gave us two plates of potato fries and beverages for free.  

Jokes aside, if not for the architecture alone, I'd say this city is definitely worth seeing.