Hey fellas (and dear loyal readers eh, eh?) here's more about who I am:

So basically I'm a 19-year-old Finnish native, who is obsessed with clothes and boys (fortunately my blog centers around the first mentioned aspect, so consider yourself saved) and blogging. I used to live in Greenwich, CT for about 3 years after which we moved back to Finland in 2012. To make it easier for the people in the states to understand how my foreign name was pronounced, I would often spell it accordingly to how it sounded to them, which is yooleah (-ish). So basically you start saying yoghurt but then you so as to say change your mind and call for someone named Leah. Yoo-LEAH! Ok, it most likely won't sound right regardless of your efforts, but I do appreciate you trying. The point of this is, that this is how I came up with the name of my blog. 
But yeah guys... the real correct spelling is Juulia, yes with two Us, no it is not a typo.

10  facts about me you don't really need to know but I'm going to tell you anyways
- I study European law in Maastricht, Holland 
- I have a twin sister
- I'm from Espoo, Finland originally
- I love snowboarding, skiing, and untouched trails with lots of powder snow
- I used to play ice hockey for a while but I sucked at it
- Fashion is my religion
- I'm obsessed with my instagram account, I use the word 'aesthetic' more than I wish to admit
- I live for fitness and chocolate
- My real hair color is dirty blonde with red hues. Some boring people may call it light brown.

So there you have it. Welcome to my blog!


J, Juuls, Yooleah,