Shirt and shorts - Missguided
Cardigan - Bik Bok
Socks - H&M

You know, sometimes it's perfectly alright to look like you just rolled out of bed, especially on Tuesdays. I always complain about it being Monday but as the years have gone by I've come to learn that Tuesdays are actually much worse. We haven't seen a glimpse of the sun for a while here in the south of Finland but I felt rebellious and added my favorite sunglasses to my outfit anyway. On a positive side though, it has been ridiculously mild temperature for a winter so I got to wear shorts and tights which is usually solely a luxury of the fall weathers. So in the end I really cannot complain.

As you guys may have noticed, I added more contrast between the roots and the ends of my hair so now the effect is more ombresque. (Yes, yes, I'm aware that ombresque is not a word. Pshh, you get the point, alright?) I like it a lot, and also this look will let my hair repair itself because I don't have to bleach it all the time. I want my hair to grow really long for this upcoming summer!

I hope you guys had a nice winter break! I spent mine mostly in the library and the gym, but it was okay. It felt so good to just sleep in and begin the day with a good work out. I've been going to the gym even more than usual and it feels so damn good when you see some progress. (You should see how much my booty game has improved now that I squat with weights!) Anyway, I'm still such a noob when it comes to any nutrition supplements so if you guys have any tips for good protein powders then give me a shout in the comment section!!



Hey lovelies! Today I  wore a new gray coat that I got from Cubus for only 19 e. Ah, I love sales! The black jeans are from Carlings, and the collar blouse is an old catch from Gina Tricot. The knit sweater was actually knit by my granny! It's one of my favorite pieces at the moment and I'm seriously tempted to wear it everyday. 
These following two weeks will be the last little crunch that I will have to grind through before I can finally concentrate on studying for finals and nothing else. I have so many deadlines due this week that it's not even funny. When you're stressed out, it's so hard to be bothered with wearing something nice. That's where cute sweaters come in handy! It's so easy to just throw one on and still feel comfortable without having to look like a slug.