Hey guys! Today we had a "celebration" at  our school for the Finnish Independence Day, which is tomorrow. In our school it's mandatory to dress up but I kind of like it as I'll take up any chance to dress nicely. 

I've been such a home buddy lately. My life literally consists of chilling, drinking tea with friends, and the gym. I blame the cold and the darkness. I just don't feel like heading out to the freezing night with skimpy party clothes. On the other hand, we do have the senior cruise to Stockholm coming up so I guess I'll have to dig out my party mood. Unlike the most people, I'm more excited about the shopping scene and the cute little cafes than I am about the party aspect. It's going to be super fun though because we are staying over for one night in a hotel before heading back to the cruise ship. 

I think one thing anyone should know about me is that I'm SUCH a christmas enthusiast. Sometimes it may even get to the point where it's obnoxious. I've even started to listening christmas music already. Every year I make my annual christmas playlist. Do you guys love christmas, or is it one of those obnoxious holidays you can't stand? 

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!