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Did you forget to take your vitamins? (OOTD)

Fur vest - Topshop
Studded ankle boots - Forever 21
Knitted sweater - Brandy Melville

 Clap your hands if you had the first day of school today (after break, that is)! Please insert here manic, aggressive clapping on my part. Seriously though, why did the break have to end? I was just getting into my daily routine of hitting the gym and watching a complete season of the TV-show of my current  choice. I also read a great deal of books- no not the smart kind, but the kind where there is a cheesy love triangle and at least one person with paranormal powers. So now I have to pick up the scraps of my brain from the trash and get back to being smart, huh? Where did I hang my motivation? Somewhere between my winter coats probably as I have barely left the house. I'm blaming my dull mood on the darkness, though. This is the darkest time of the year, meaning that when I leave for- and come back from school, it is dark. Now, instead of the phrase "do you need a tampon" when someone's  being grumpy you can ask: "Oh dear, did you forget to take your vitamins?"
You already know the motto though: "Stressed, depressed, but well dressed." First impressions count, even if it has solely been two or so weeks. I'm finally wearing the fur vest that I bought during my trip to Stockholm! Not only is it fabulous, but it's also deliciously warm. It's also one of those key pieces that you throw on whatever you currently have on, add a statement necklace, and you're ready to go.

Remember to laugh and find a tad bit of humor in even the most annoying little things. Until next time!


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