Strike purple

Black hooded zipper blouse - Zara
Leather leggings (which you cannot really see) - Gina Tricot
White blouse - Vila

2 (or 1 and a half if you are being pessimistic) days until the exam and I just keep on blogging. Yesterday I bought professional hair color mascara (very similar consistency to hair chalk). Today I tried it on and it looks pretty banging in my opinion... In some of the pictures the exposure was too high and it washed out the purple completely, which is a shame. I like my lighter hair a lot but it got longer than usual to get used to. I'm going to have to avoid wearing white though, which is a bit inconvenient since a half of my wardrobe consists of white clothes. I have to get back to studying now though. I swear to god after this period is over I'll have to take a break from anything medieval or roman for a while. Gotta love legal history!