Skirts and Chunky Boots Forever

Coat - Only
Shoes - River Island
Skirt - Subdued
Long sleeved lace crop - H&M

Yesterday Laura and I decided to spontaneously make a day trip to Amsterdam because a friend was willing to sell his train tickets for a cheaper price. It was a well deserved get away since we had our exam on Friday and all other faculties had gotten the week off completely. The day was spent shopping as one may have expected but after we were done with shopping we went on an adventurous exploration to another part of town. The day was finished off with hot chocolate, chocolate cake and me hard core face planting  in front of everyone as we tried to run for the tram. If you haven't noticed, I tend to fall a lot.
What comes to my outfit of the day, all I'm going to say is: skirts and chunky boots forever!


P.S 3 days left until I'll see my twin! Gah, I cannot take this excitement!