Warmer Winds


Pants - Gina Tricot
White blazer - Target
Shoes - River Island
Basic V-neck - Zara

(I'm guessing Grigoria's wearing 70% Zara knowing her)

I'm so much happier now that it is warm. It's also so much easier to dress. My style becomes so chilled during the summer. This look was a few days back on a really nice day.

Today it was warm but rainy. I'm sitting in my bed at the moment listening to Rhodes and Childish Gambino. I was supposed to go to bed at least three hours ago but my brain just wants to chill. Going to bed actually takes up effort.

I'm so ready for summer though. I want to sit in the sun and eat water melon with a spoon. I want to travel. I want to read the books I want and not the ones I'm told to read. I want to go on brunches. I want to go on late night dinners. I want the wind to be gentle and warm and not a cold bitch slap in the face. I want to spend time at my country house and see the sunset from the terrace of our sauna. 

So close but yet so far.


Summer vibe


Dress - Zara
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - Vintage

(If you wish to know what any of my friends wore just ask below n the comments)

This day was such a beautiful day! A heat wave hit Maastricht and it was well over 20 degrees in the sun. Hence, we did the only thing you could think of, and went for a picnic up on the hill. Before that though, me and Grigoria had an interview because we are going to work in a fashion festival in June, fitting and dressing the models backstage of fashion shows. I'm beyond excited! I'm sure it's going to be stressful and hard, but I'm so up for the challenge.
I was so glad to finally get to wear my dress from Zara. I haven't yet gotten a chance to check out the stores here in Maastricht but the new collection I saw in the Finnish stores was so nice that I wanted to buy everything... White and blue stripes are just the epitome of summer wear. Also, to add a fun twist to my prep, I added some edge, and threw on my loyal and wonderful New Look boots. I'm sure my fellow sailors (read pirates...) would have been proud. 
Yesterday, I was in Luxembourg! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the country itself, as the whole day was spent in the European Court of Justice. It was incredibly cool though as our school's moot court team got to plead in front of the real judges in the ECJ. 


Easing into Sunday

Trench - Zara
Stan Smiths - Adidas
Sweater - Mango

Nothing cures a hangover like a good brunch. You can quote me on that.



Leather skirt - Cubus
Black crop top with lace - Bulevardi 5
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - River Island

Elna is wearing
Skirt - Zara
Top - Brandy Melville
Stockings and shoes - H&M
Camo jacket - Pull & Bear (very old)

It's good to be back home in Finland. The best part about coming home was rediscovering all the clothes I left behind. I'm definitely taking my leather skirt back to Maastricht. The downside to coming home is losing just as many clothes to your twin sister who most likely will try to 'accidentally' sneak them into Cardiff... Ahem, Elna, I know you are reading this. Do not even think about it.

We did some wondering around today in Helsinki center with Elna after grabbing some lunch in Café Engel. The price range was on the higher side but the food is home made and so delicious. It was definitely worth the pay. The location of the place was prime as well, as it's situated right across from the Helsinki Cathedral. Another thing I did today was trying to find myself a pair of Stan Smiths. The problem was that all the stores had run out of my size. I'm gonna try again tomorrow but I'm not too optimistic. Shoe-rejection (this should be a real term) has broken my spirit.

Anyway, as you may have noticed my hair is back to a bit darker shade. Now that I have proven that my little spidey senses are always right when it comes to hair, and that I was basically the trailblazer of the platinum blonde trend (Ok fine, maybe Jared Leto got there before me. At least I beat Kim Kardashian to it), I may rest easy with a bit darker mane. Ok, I'm half kidding, but you can only imagine my face when I died my hair bleach blonde on a weird whim and a few weeks later I see magazines declaring bleach platinum the new trend. I almost quit University to become a hair oracle. Almost.
But I got bored again and I think darker hair suits me better though. it's so much easier to maintain. 

I hope you all enjoyed Easter and took a small break to rewind.