So as you guys can see, I have a violet tint in my hair!! I'm quite excited about it as it is something I have never had before. I absolutely love makeovers so I'm excited to have a completely new vibe to my hair! 

Today my school organized an open day to different universities in the Helsinki area. I went to a lecture for the law school of Helsinki and it really got me pumped and motivated. I still have to figure out whether I want to go study in England or stay here in Finland. I guess the decision mostly depends on what university will have me.  

I love the outfit I wore today. The necklace definitely makes the outfit alongside with the boots. It was again proved how easy it is to make a basic outfit into something special with the right details. I love the sturdiness of the boots because they add an edge to my otherwise so soft look.

I hope you guys will have a good weekend! I will be celebrating mine by throwing a halloween party (who knew throwing parties could be so stressful). I also finally decided on a halloween costume but for now I'll keep it a secret. You'll see it when the time comes. ;)

Until then,