Merry Christmas Eve

| Skirt & jacket - Primark | Top - Bik Bok | Necklaces - Primark |

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all the snow as I arrived to Finland last night. I'm so glad we're having a white christmas this year! Even more importantly, I'm just glad to finally be home with the family. Especially, being reunited with my twinnie feels so damn good. I missed her soo freaking much! 
Here's another rather Christmassy outfit I wore in Stuttgart. I thought the color scheme was a perfect fit for today, haha! Also, as you see I got my nails re-done into a bit more seasonal color as an early present for myself.  

Merry Christmas Eve! 



Wie Geht's Stuttgart?

The coolest train of all the trains we took. It had little "travel rooms/sections" just like in Harry Potter.
| Flannel tee - Brandy Melville | Pants - Bik Bok | Bag - River Island |

So after the final exam we raced home and took off for Germany right away. We first took a bus to Aachen, from where we traveled all the way to Stuttgart to my friend's house by train. Overall, it took at least five hours to get there. It was a lot of fun and definitely worth the travel. Stuttgart is a pretty city. A lot of similarities could be drawn to other European nordic cities. Just like Maastricht, Stuttgart was big on Christmas lights, and had a homely festive atmosphere. However, it still had the buzz of a larger city. Our main focus was shopping and I was set on getting all my christmas presents before coming to Finland. To be honest, this was just what I needed: some time to rewind and a change of scenery to get over the exam stress. The trip was pretty impromptu in hind sight but I'm glad we went and I got to see Germany outside the airports for the first time. 


Library Days and Fried Brains


Shoes - River Island | Skirt - Subdued | Blouse - H&M

4 days left until the first exam of the exam week. Right now my head feels like a blonde empty shell with fried brain goo inside. It's 9 pm and I'm sitting in the library. I've asked other fellow library ladies about what they love to wear to library and most swore in the name of skirts. There, you see now? Who wouldn't swear in the name of comfort and fabulousness. Besides, you get to not wear pants. Last, weekend me and my girl squad all accidentally came to the library in skirts. You'd think we had planned it. Great minds (when not fried) think alike.
Have a great week and to the fellow exam takers: See you on the other side!


P.S. Very sorry for the crappy phone camera quality. Wanted you to guys see it regardless of the compromised quality. ;)

A Fishtail for a Stress Head

Skirt - Brandy Melville
Blouse - Zara 

Things are getting a bit hectic again as we approach the exam week, the only thing between me and the christmas holiday. (Yippee!) When life gets busy there's no better combo than braids (I prefer fishtail) and dry shampoo when it comes to managing, not a bed head, but what I call a 'stress head'. 
As you may notice, I've been getting into skirts lately. I don't know what's gotten into me but I find them so irresistibly cute. Too bad the temperature is dropping as we speak.
Today I'll take a break from studying though because I'm going to go see Sam Smith in Utrecht. I am beyond excited! Have a great weekend.


Recreating Clueless

Coat and Shoes - River Island | Skirt - Subdued | Top - Brandy Melville | Socks -Urban Outfitters

I reckon that the greatest fashion advice of this winter can be found from Clueless. Just like last year, a big wool coat is a must. Also I have spied cute little plaid skirts popping into various clothing stores. As it's cold, stockings and/or high knees are essential. For us fashion geeks it's just more to play with. I'm very traditional when it comes to stockings-- I always buy black. My mission for this winter is to experiment with other colors as well. For example, I have a vision of a perfect pair of thin grey stockings. (Grey IS a color, okay...)

Citea - My new favorite tea shop/cafe in Amsterdam!

 Enjoy and embrace the new week!


Aiming for Success


Bag - H&M | Coat - Only | Pants - Bik Bok | Shoes - F21

Wohoo, it's finally cold enough to wear a legit coat. If you have read my blog then you probably have noticed that this coat is an old one. I can't believe I still love it as if it was new. It just goes with so many things. This time I paired it with dress pants-- my most current obsession. Wearing them makes me feel like I earn at least four zeros in my paycheck. It gives me motivation to earn those zeros in the future. The only way to get there is by pushing yourself to work hard- the exact reason why I have been spending hours in the library. I recently received the results of my first period: 8/10. The score is well above average but as a perfectionist I still see room for improvement. I heard that this second period will be the hardest of this year. I can't wait to see how far I can push myself this time. In the meantime I will keep obsessing about those dress pants.


A Pink Furry Dream


Bag- H&M | Blouse - H&M | Fur coat - A small shop on Leidsestraat (Amsterdam)

I was walking on Leidsestraat in Amsterdam when I saw a mind blowing announcement in the window of a small store: 20% off from all clothes. I swear my vision went white for a second from all the endorphins and adrealine as I stormed into the store and grabbed that pink dream. The next day in Maastricht I wore it with pride, paired with my favorite blouse that I got for very cheap as well from H&M and from there everything went down as my crazy shopping spree began. To be honest, I blame my friends who came to visit as I wanted to take them to shops but ended up being the one to do the most shopping. The next days of the month I had to stretch every cent but it was so goddamn worth it.


P.s. The inside of the jacket is pink silky material, which justifies everything because it feels like heaven on skin.

Lost My Mind


Shirt - Bershka | Jeans - Dr. Denim | Shoes - Clarks

I’m absolutely losing my mind, or maybe (as my shirt hints) I’ve already lost it. The final exam of this period is on Wednesday and even now I’m sitting in the library. I have this huge drive to do well in my course, maybe to prove to myself that I can actually do this. Yet, I thought I’d still give you guys something, so here’s the outfit of the day! There’s nothing like studying in fashion and comfort. I love this beautiful shirt à la Bershka. It’s made of this thin material used in blouses, meaning that it feels heavenly light while on. Don’t give up on me yet though: New posts coming up from when I visited Amsterdam last Monday and one of my favorite outfits all time, which I wore on Tuesday.

Write to you soon,

The Law Ball


Here's what I wore to this year's law ball! My mom shipped my dress over from Finland, which was nice because I didn't have to buy a new one (I am a poor student after all). For my make up I wore golden and different tones of brown on my eyes paired with volumizing but natural-looking fake lashes. To add some glow I also brushed on some bronzer and blush. The lipstick was a peachy pink shade. I curled my hair with a regular curling wand with a diameter/thickness of about 2.5 cm. 

The law ball was fun. It was held in an old theater so the setting was extra fabulous. I have to admit though that I didn't enjoy the ball itself half as much as I did the actual dressing up part. I truly wish I had more events to attend to where I could wear a long dress and heels. 

On Saturday, after the ball, I hosted my birthday party with the help of the guys. We put two tables outside on the porch for beer pong, and brought in one extra couch! Our home was seriously transformed into such a party house. I was surprised that almost everyone could make it and we ended up having about 50 guests in total. The theme of the party was a "slumber party" so everyone had to come in a pyjama! I wore a black jump-in pyjama with white lace and a cheetah printed silk morning robe over it. I also wore one of those eye covers on my head but I lost it at some point of the night. I was so glad the party turned out to be a success and nothing was broken except for a little hole in the wall of our living room.



 Skirt - Pull & Bear
Grey crop tee -
Bag - h&m

Hello or as the locals here say "hoi, hoi!" My university life has started out pretty smoothly. I have three lectures and three tutorial meetings per week so there is plenty of time for independent studies and socializing (heh). We have a lot to read but I have Wednesdays and Fridays off from school so there is plenty of time. The people here are nice and I've gotten to know so many awesome people whom I can already call family; my three flatmates L, K, and R (not naming names and all that) in addition to my closest girl friends here. Everyone always asks me how it is living with three guys. To be honest it's not much different from living with girls. I still have to fight for shower shifts and share my hairdryer. Furthermore, I wasn't even the one who established a "cleaning day" and the division of tasks for it. Most importantly though, I simply gained three completely lovable, but annoying-as-hell brothers and a place to call home.
But let's talk some fashion! I love this look because while the skirt creates a girly feel to it, the outfit has some coolness factored into it by the relaxed grey crop tee and the studded denim jacket. Consequently, I found it to be a perfect look for the urban university lifestyle. The thing is, you don't want to be too dressy but still want to add some prep to your student look as you want to be taken seriously. In this way, I always follow my favorite principle of counterbalance: "Down dress" a skirt with a loose tucked in sweater or an ordinary crop tee like I did, add a collared blouse underneath a laid back knit sweater, add a leather jacket to a soft lace dress, and so on. I love playing with antagonistic elements, such as mixing casual with dressy. What's your favorite look for university? Do you like to prep it up or do you like to kick it in casual coolness? Or are you perhaps a hybrid of both like me? 

Billions of kisses,

Throwback to Amalfi Coast


During the day
Maxi skirt - Hollister
Top - bik bok

During the night
Skirt - Bershka
Top - hippie market

Hey there! Can you tell that I like white, huh? It was definitely the theme color of the summer. I have waited way too long to post the rest of my traveling pictures but here they are! Better late than never. It's absolutely crazy how I didn't have to edit these at all. Says a lot about the beauty I was surrounded with. My family and two of our friend families rented a house from the amalfi coast for a week but we also visited Positano and Amalfi during our stay. 

My crew since we were babies!

Next posts will be here in Maastricht!

Love and kisses,

A Continuation of the my travel series: All roads lead to Roma


 Ah, I'm so infatuated with Rome. The buildings, the narrow streets, the mysterious corners, the old buildings, the flowers, the men- everything! I am clearly not the only one who has been charmed by Rome as it has been the subject of countless movies, books, and paintings. In fact, I had to constantly resist the urge to sing "This is what dreams are made of" out loud from the Lizzie McQuire movie (which took place in Rome as if you didn't already know that).
During my time I also discovered that I would be better off if gelato was made illegal. However, as it is very legal and very present, I happened to consume  more or less my own weight in it and let's not even get started with pizza.

I have to admit though that I had been expecting a rome experience more similar to When in Rome but to my disappointment I did not get to dance in the fountain, and all the men in Rome did not fall in love with me. However, I refuse to believe that it was due to a personal fault and blame the fact that the Fontana di Trevi was closed. See, maybe this was actually a small victory as now I have a new (completely coherent) reason to revisit Rome. I'm positive that next time I go (and dance in the fountain like Kristen Bell), my personal Pablo/Nick will find me.

The weather in Rome was so hot. I wore a lot of flowy bottoms, which shaded my legs from the burning sun but didn't suffocate my legs in heat. Also, a good piece of advice for future visitors would be to wear good shoes. I ignored this for my first day and wore flats (as you can see from the first pictures) and had to pay for it dearly in terms of achy and blistered feet. After that I wore my white converse everywhere. However, for dinner at night I wore heels. If you want to wear heels, bring wedges because those are so comfortable on the cobble stone streets.

This is the last travel focused post after this I'll refocus more on fashion and what I have been wearing. Tell me though if you like reading about my travels so I know what you guys think!