Wie Geht's Stuttgart?

The coolest train of all the trains we took. It had little "travel rooms/sections" just like in Harry Potter.
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So after the final exam we raced home and took off for Germany right away. We first took a bus to Aachen, from where we traveled all the way to Stuttgart to my friend's house by train. Overall, it took at least five hours to get there. It was a lot of fun and definitely worth the travel. Stuttgart is a pretty city. A lot of similarities could be drawn to other European nordic cities. Just like Maastricht, Stuttgart was big on Christmas lights, and had a homely festive atmosphere. However, it still had the buzz of a larger city. Our main focus was shopping and I was set on getting all my christmas presents before coming to Finland. To be honest, this was just what I needed: some time to rewind and a change of scenery to get over the exam stress. The trip was pretty impromptu in hind sight but I'm glad we went and I got to see Germany outside the airports for the first time.