Library Days and Fried Brains


Shoes - River Island | Skirt - Subdued | Blouse - H&M

4 days left until the first exam of the exam week. Right now my head feels like a blonde empty shell with fried brain goo inside. It's 9 pm and I'm sitting in the library. I've asked other fellow library ladies about what they love to wear to library and most swore in the name of skirts. There, you see now? Who wouldn't swear in the name of comfort and fabulousness. Besides, you get to not wear pants. Last, weekend me and my girl squad all accidentally came to the library in skirts. You'd think we had planned it. Great minds (when not fried) think alike.
Have a great week and to the fellow exam takers: See you on the other side!


P.S. Very sorry for the crappy phone camera quality. Wanted you to guys see it regardless of the compromised quality. ;)