Hair Queens

Okay so the two fashion phenomenons that I'm currently obsessed with are 1) hair accessories and 2) BELT BAGS. I have yet to get my hands on a belt bag of my own but hopefully a post on them will soon ensue. (Ha! That almost rhymed.) Nonetheless, this post is fully dedicated to the hair trend of late with the reoccurrence of lovely hair bands and chic clasps on the fashion markets. I'm still in search of a perfect hair band but as you will see below, a ribbon can do the job pretty nicely as well. There are no rules to this trend, so you can get creative. I included a little inspo section of how other women have worn the trend as well.

Here I'm wearing a ribbon as a hair brand!

Some inspiración:

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Blair Waldorf is the "OG" of hair trends

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Someone transport me to the NYFW, Please!

So, while waiting for offers to get me to the New York fashion week, I thought I'd share in the spirit of this week some of my new (and old) favorite brands and stores that I'm  going to be keeping an eye (and my wallet) on this year. The little collection that I put together has one theme in common, and that is having some fun with it!

So let's get to it!


This Danish brand gained a lot of social media traction during the last half of year 2017. One of the biggest appearances was the appearance of Gigi Hadid in the Lucy Pink Jacket in December. This year's NYC presentation was also to die for, with interestingly paired pastels and fur details. Saks Potts also gives me intense 60s vibes without losing a completely new, fresh and modern touch. Considering all the faux fur and high end branding, surprisingly the jackets are not "Chanel expensive". Still, they are expensive enough that you must be willing to sacrifice a substantive portion of your pay check towards one jacket. For me, it'd still be worth it.

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I discovered  Kim Shui only during this week when I spied Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat wearing a dreamy jacket by the designer. Similar to Saks Potts, the designs are playful and current in their fashion (if you are a jacket obsessed like me, the jackets are wonderful). This designer is also from the high-end pricey side, but it sure does amount to great inspiration if nothing else. And hey, this girl can dream!



Source: instagram, @kimshuistudio
Source: Vogue, Phil Oh

Source: Instagram, @kimshuistudio


Grunge is back! Alright, this one some of you may know quite well because it has also gained quite the momentum in social media, especially with models (Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid...) alongside with various social media influencers and bloggers. And the best part? Pop the champagne, because this one is actually affordable!  This brand could be described as grungy yet some of the prints seem as if they had been borrowed directly from the set of Clueless. 

Bella Hadid  // Source:

Rome Estrijd in the cobain cargo // Source: instagram

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Ah, now we are getting to my second favorite thing after jackets: SUNGLASSES. Fun fact: As of now, I happen to own at least 6 pairs of sunglasses. (I say 'at least' because I have bought more but I'm very good at losing or breaking them.) Poppy Lissiman specializes in accessories and ships worldwide. (Please sponsor me PL.)

I discovered this brand through who else but Leandra McCohen, the founder of man repeller and the greatest inspiration of fun and witty fashion. The most popular pair of sunglasses from Poppy Lissiman is the Le Skinny, which has been seen on various bloggers and models such as the Hadid sisters.

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Source: instagram, @poppylissiman

Source: instagram, @poppylissiman
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Source: instagram, @poppylissiman

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Source: instagram, @dualipa


This store/brand offers the cutest hats and chic head bands. They have a shop in Amsterdam but also sell through an online store. The accessory brand has been worn by various bloggers, such as Negin Mirsalehi and Olivia Frost.

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+1  PRADA SS18

Last but not least, I wanted to include Prada as a designer to keep an eye on this year, because I'm sensing some new winds blowing in the creative department. The new collection SS18 has dropped and it's so edgy. Go Miuccia Prada!

Source: Instagram, @prada

Source: instagram, @prada

Happy NYFW to all, and apologies if I have triggered your online shopping addiction, as I have mine.



What I have been up to, lately

I've felt lately that I'm living in this weird 'in-between' period at the moment. Nothing feels permanent. I am freshly out of uni, working a temporary job in a café, looking for another temporary job in a law firm, just to (hopefully) begin a masters degree next year, which also will eventually come to an end. Everything feels uncertain. This feeling has my mind up in a limbo, the only cure to it being the art of living in the moment. But how does one actually live in the moment? How do I stop worrying about other people already working and taking steps towards their success? How do I stop feeling like I'm in the waiting room for the next chapter of my life to start? 

I've noticed the difficulty of living in the moment particularly on the days when I have a day off, but my mind is already stuck thinking about the next day at work. I think that a lot of young people can relate to what I'm feeling, and the resulting feeling of anxiety. I think that the human mind in general has always had trouble of dealing with uncertainty of the future. So lately, I've made it my mission to try to live strictly in the moment and stop worrying. To enjoy the small moments of life, regardless of the next hour, day, or year: The happy moments in a café, having tea at home with friends, or just being in bed watching series. 

Despite the stress of the future (and a few breakdowns after rejections from the job hunt) I've had some really good moments. I travelled to Cardiff and London with my brother to see our sister, I spent a lazy day with two of my best friends just shopping and chilling in cafés, and right now it's 3 pm and I'm sitting in bed in PJs writing this post and eating pizza. I just ordered online a killer vintage puffer coat that, get this, is reversible and next week I will be traveling back to Maastricht for my graduation ceremony (!!) and will see some of my other amazing best friends (!!!!). 

So, if I want you to get one thing out of my 3pm bed ramblings, then it is this:
We shouldn't perceive these 'temporary' periods, moments, or things in life with anxiety or negativity as we tend to do. Instead we should embrace the inconstant and fickle things in life because they are temporary. Because they advocate change, self-development and new opportunities. 

After all, life is not where I end up, but it's the sum of those moments of my life that got me there. So it's time that I finally get my arse out of this 'mind limbo' of worrying, and start living in the moment.

A hundred kisses,