The Season of festivals, airports, and Netflix

Head piece - ASOS
Pants - Gina Tricot
Jacket - Real Suede Leather from Zara
Top - Hippie market in Ibiza

I am finally free! I feel like I have just sprinted the last kilometers of a marathon. Now that the university is done for this year, I have a new project: Moving into a new apartment. I'm going to have to fit a lot of packing and cleaning into these few days, but I'm not complaining. Moving is fun! I can't wait to get to decorating and the interior design. I have surfed the Zara home section way more than my wallet would like...
I dressed a bit more festive yesterday to celebrate the beginning of my summer. Summer is basically the season of festivals, airports, and Netflix. And food. Lot's of it. As you might notice, my head jewelry finally arrived from ASOS. It's sooo nice I cannot wait to wear it to festivals! I think it went pretty nicely with the jacket, creating this bohemian urban feel. It's a bit flashy though so I'm going to try to find another one for those every-day occasions... Ok, who am I kidding, I would TOTALLY rock this bedazzling thing in the grocery store. 
I've noticed that wide cut pants will totally be in for this summer, so we all better go stock up on some. Good for us also, because they basically represent my favorite combo: comfort and style. Amen.