Italian Diaries vol. I

"In the valley beneath where, white and wide
And washed by the morning water-gold,
Florence lay out on the mountain-side."
Robert Browning

As stated by Browning, Florence is a beautiful small city shielded by mountains. More so, it is the mecca of art and renaissance. In Florence the history follows you everyday and you can feel that some of the greatest artists of the past have breathed the same air of the dusty roads and old chapels. You don't just witness the remnants of history, but you become a part of the history. How could I not have fallen in love at first sight? The last picture is from outside the city from the Tuscan countryside. I wanted to include it because the flowers in my hair express my newfound freedom. Hopefully you will read about my Italian adventures soon.

Kiss Kiss,

P.s. Can we just hold a moment of silence in honor of Italian food? 

Las Dos Outfits

Sweater - Zara
Choker necklace - H&M 
Belt - Mango

Shirt - Bershka
Glasses - Zara
Jeans - Acne