Belts, bags, bags as belts, belt bags...

I've had this post a long time coming and now it's finally here. First, bumbags made a reappearance, carefully latched on the torsos of the fashion folk in a diagonal fashion. Next in line was the brining back of belts. Not just any belts, the belts that cinch any outfit to give you that snatched waist (or if you asked my 14 year old self, the belts that you put on top of your tube top to "add layering" and, the real reason, to highlight one's boobs.) Just like my younger self of the past,I was living my best life with this trend. I bought this thick black leather belt with metallic holes in it and a big oval statement buckle and wore it over my black classic wool coat.

Whereas the bumbag trend endured, the fashion houses took it a step further and came up with the perfect hybrid: a belt bag. Why hadn't we thought of it before?? Two handy functions combined into one: 1) cinching the waist 2) the ability to go hands free. Genius! Initially, the one downside was that belt bags were offered solely by high-end fashion brands, the original and popular choice still today being Gucci. However, these days you can find much more affordable choices to live the trend. Here are some links to my favorites:

Now, personally I love taking a trend and running with it in another direction. Some took a little creative initiative with the bag + belt phenomenon and instead found another twist to the trend: bags attached to belts. The tiny bag trend of small purses with attachable clasps was also prominent in the store front and thus lent the perfect opportunity for these small bags to be attached to basically any belt. Here's my version:

Both belt and small bag from & Other Stories.

Here are some smaller bags that I would totally link through or clip to my belts:


Source:, INI/JosiahW/BACKGRID
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That's all for now. See you in the next post!