Christmas Jumper - Misguided
Jacket - NLY from Nelly

Merry Christmas! I wore this look a few days back but didn't had time to post it, which is why it's here now. I figured that today was the last chance before Christmas, since my flight to Tanzania takes off early tomorrow! The jacket and the jumper were both the direct consequence of the treacherous cyber Monday. My weak heart simply cannot resist sales.
As I won't be able to spend Christmas in the most traditional way this year since I'll be on a freaking safari (awesomee!!), I was grateful to be able to fly to Finland for a few days beforehand. I made it my mission to spend Christmas to my best ability before leaving, and if you count eating Christmas cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner, then I think I succeeded pretty well. 

Adieu for now!

 Stay off of the naughty list (or don't!)


Amsterdam & Winter Glory

Hat - Zara
Jacket - Armani Exchange
White vest on top of jacket - Zara

Soo, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when my sister and I went to Amsterdam. We went to meet up with our aunt. She flew from Finland for a day just to bring me my suitcase and my phone, which I was forced to leave behind due to unfortunate circumstances when travelled from Finland myself a few days prior. (I might or might not be at fault here...) Anyway where there is bad, there is always good as well. We spent a wonderful day over all, and Elna got to visit Amsterdam before she left. Amsterdam was covered in its gorgeous Christmas glory with beautiful lights being reflected off of the canals.
Fashion-wise, It was a cold day so I played with some layers. I once again (check out my other look here) paired my Armani Exchange jacket with a vest from Zara. It changed the look of the otherwise short jacket completely as my jacket was transformed into a long coat. I loved the combo as the vest also added some warmth to my otherwise light jacket. 
During the winter, layers come in handy as you can change or tweak the look of your coat with a vest or another piece as such. For example,  I love wearing my black leather jacket and a black fur vest on top of it, or this gray woolen poncho/sweater on top of my leather jacket. Usually during the cold winter months there is hardly any variation in the outfits we wear, as we are bound to have that one basic coat we always throw on top of our outfit. Thus, one shouldn't be afraid to experiment with layers (matching is the key my dear friends) in order to change things up a bit. What are your favourite style tips for the up coming winter?


Baby Pink

Sweater - ASOS
Skirt - Bershka

I wore this outfit a week ago or so when Elna (my twin, for those who don't know) was visiting Maastricht. It was amazing to have everyone finally meet her and vice versa. She's such a big part of who I am as a person that people not knowing her feels weird. The fact that my best friends from here got along with her so well felt incredible. I love my squad.
I was totally channeling Mean Girls this day except that I don't think it was Wednesday (on Wednesday we were pink). But seriously. Baby pink all the way. (Awkward air fist pumps.)


Shades of Black

Shoes - H&M
Pants & Blazer- Zara
Long sleeved crop top  - Brandy Melville

Bath, England

Grey Wool coat - Zara
Leather pants - Zara
Bag - Ralf Lauren

On my visit to Cardiff, we took a day trip to Bath. It's a beautiful city with old roman and continental European architecture. The city is named after the Roman baths, which the Romans built on their conquest in Europe. Yet the British atmosphere was not lost on the city as it was full of street players  and artists and small little boutiques. It was a cold and crispy day with the anticipation of winter weighing in the air. It made me wish I could never leave the cozy little cafes, scones, and tea. Just to stay there, cuddled and warm, until Christmas.


"What fresh hell is this" - Chanel Oberlin

Shoes and dress - Zara
Sweater - H&M

Greetings from exam hell! I was scrolling through my instagram account and noticed that I had not uploaded this look on my blog. It is one of my favorite looks for a day in the library or a cafĂ© because it is easy to throw together and its warm and airy at the same time. Skinny jeans can be so uncomfortable and restricting, am I right ladies?  I love how the dress (also worn here) gets a completely new look when you throw a sweater on top. I almost love it even more as a skirt substitute.  Brilliant, eh?

I've been spending so much time in the library as we have exams coming up next week. I'm going to be so happy when all exams are done. Now I have to get back studying and literally punch through the 'procrastination haze' back in to the study flow. Wish me luck!
I will post more soon hopefully as I will be traveling to Cardiff for a long weekend.

Adieu & kisses,

OOTD: The Golden Hour

Got Griggs in front of the camera too for a change!

White leather jacket - Top Shop
Shoes - River Island
Belt - H&M
Jumpsuit - Zara
Glasses - Jimmy Choo