Amsterdam & Winter Glory

Hat - Zara
Jacket - Armani Exchange
White vest on top of jacket - Zara

Soo, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when my sister and I went to Amsterdam. We went to meet up with our aunt. She flew from Finland for a day just to bring me my suitcase and my phone, which I was forced to leave behind due to unfortunate circumstances when travelled from Finland myself a few days prior. (I might or might not be at fault here...) Anyway where there is bad, there is always good as well. We spent a wonderful day over all, and Elna got to visit Amsterdam before she left. Amsterdam was covered in its gorgeous Christmas glory with beautiful lights being reflected off of the canals.
Fashion-wise, It was a cold day so I played with some layers. I once again (check out my other look here) paired my Armani Exchange jacket with a vest from Zara. It changed the look of the otherwise short jacket completely as my jacket was transformed into a long coat. I loved the combo as the vest also added some warmth to my otherwise light jacket. 
During the winter, layers come in handy as you can change or tweak the look of your coat with a vest or another piece as such. For example,  I love wearing my black leather jacket and a black fur vest on top of it, or this gray woolen poncho/sweater on top of my leather jacket. Usually during the cold winter months there is hardly any variation in the outfits we wear, as we are bound to have that one basic coat we always throw on top of our outfit. Thus, one shouldn't be afraid to experiment with layers (matching is the key my dear friends) in order to change things up a bit. What are your favourite style tips for the up coming winter?