Viewing London

View: Mister Fitz's Finest Ice Cream, on Great Windmill St

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Net bag - Mango

View: South Bank
View: Tate museum 

View: The 10th floor of Tate museum

Blouse - Zara
Scarf - Mango

Sliders - Vagabond

View: Elán Cafe

View: Elán Cafe
View: Shoreditch Grind, Old Street Roundabout, Shoreditch

View: Redemption bar, Shoreditch

View: Brooklyn Coffee, 139 Commercial St.

Tube top - Brandy Melville
Belt - & Other Stories
Hair clips - H&M
Net bag - Mango
View: Shoreditch
View: Space Station Gallery, Shoreditch

View: An unknown street of an unknown coffee shop 

View: An unknown street of an unknown coffee shop

View: Bricklane, Shoreditch

View: A random wall art, Shoreditch

View: Brick lane, Shoreditch
Oversize tee - Cheap Monday
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Asos

View: Camden Town
View: Camden Market
View: Halloumi fries from the food market

View: Camden canal

View: Primrose Hill

View: Soho, London (Carnaby St. area)

 Top things to view in London

1. Primrose Hill

Go to Primrose Hill (the best underground station: Chalk Farm), a posh neighbourhood allegedly populated by some English celebrities. Eat lunch or have coffee in one of the chic restaurants on Regent's Park Road which after you could climb to the Primrose Hill.

Instagram tip: Go see the pastel houses on the Chalcot Crescent

2. Camden (Food) Market

This in fact goes with the first bullet of the list. Once in Primrose Hill neighbourhood, you can head over to the Camden Lock, a canal, which runs from Primrose Hill to Camden. If you walk over to the canal and descend down the stairs, you will find a nice walkway along the canal leading right next to the Camden Market. It's a nice 5-10 minute stroll depending on how fast you walk.
Camden Market includes handmade jewellery, vintage shops, regular shops, and the list goes on, but the best part of the market is hands down the food section. Among the food stands you can find all types of cuisine sharing only one thing in common: It's hella good.

3. Shoreditch

If you are into fashion, art, or just that downtown vibe, then Shoreditch is the place for you. I recommend taking the tube to "Old Street" and form there strolling down to Brick Lane. On the way, you will see lots of street art and once you get to Brick Lane you have the chance to do some "vintage shop-hopping".
Instagram tip: After shopping, head over to a bar called Redemption and take a photo in front of the beautiful wings painted on the wall outside the bar.

4. Tate museum

The admission to Tate is completely free of cost and many exhibitions are free as well. As it mostly contains modern art, there are a lot of fun things to do and see. 

Instagram tip: The 'Viewing Room' on the 10th floor of the museum has one of the nicest views of South Bank and the City. There is also an aesthetic light sign, which reads: Everything is going to be alright.

5. "Instagram cafés" of London

Let us not lie to ourselves. We all have that instagram or snap monster inside of us just waiting to pounce on aesthetic content, whether or not we admit it to ourselves. Élan cafe is one of such cafés, slamming down all the breaks in providing an enjoyable and an aesthetic interior (a wall of flowers, baby pink theme, chic diner vibe...) as well as beautifully arranged dishes. The cakes at Élan cafe deserve a special shout out. The only cons to the place are the higher than average pricing and the not so photo friendly lighting. 

Peggy Porschen Cakes is another drool and photo worthy café in London. It's still on my list of places to go, so I can't tell you anything else other than to google it and see for yourself.

If you prefer more ascetic and simplistic vibe, I recommend Brooklyn Coffee in Shoreditch. They don't serve food but the coffee deserves an accolade of its own.  

Instagram tip: Try to go to these cafés at a time when it's not so busy to get more space to take a photo without having other people ruin the shot. 

Peggy Porschen has the perfect front door in front of which one can take a cool photo in natural light.