Skirt - Pull & Bear
Grey crop tee - Missguided.eu
Bag - h&m

Hello or as the locals here say "hoi, hoi!" My university life has started out pretty smoothly. I have three lectures and three tutorial meetings per week so there is plenty of time for independent studies and socializing (heh). We have a lot to read but I have Wednesdays and Fridays off from school so there is plenty of time. The people here are nice and I've gotten to know so many awesome people whom I can already call family; my three flatmates L, K, and R (not naming names and all that) in addition to my closest girl friends here. Everyone always asks me how it is living with three guys. To be honest it's not much different from living with girls. I still have to fight for shower shifts and share my hairdryer. Furthermore, I wasn't even the one who established a "cleaning day" and the division of tasks for it. Most importantly though, I simply gained three completely lovable, but annoying-as-hell brothers and a place to call home.
But let's talk some fashion! I love this look because while the skirt creates a girly feel to it, the outfit has some coolness factored into it by the relaxed grey crop tee and the studded denim jacket. Consequently, I found it to be a perfect look for the urban university lifestyle. The thing is, you don't want to be too dressy but still want to add some prep to your student look as you want to be taken seriously. In this way, I always follow my favorite principle of counterbalance: "Down dress" a skirt with a loose tucked in sweater or an ordinary crop tee like I did, add a collared blouse underneath a laid back knit sweater, add a leather jacket to a soft lace dress, and so on. I love playing with antagonistic elements, such as mixing casual with dressy. What's your favorite look for university? Do you like to prep it up or do you like to kick it in casual coolness? Or are you perhaps a hybrid of both like me? 

Billions of kisses,