Recreating Clueless

Coat and Shoes - River Island | Skirt - Subdued | Top - Brandy Melville | Socks -Urban Outfitters

I reckon that the greatest fashion advice of this winter can be found from Clueless. Just like last year, a big wool coat is a must. Also I have spied cute little plaid skirts popping into various clothing stores. As it's cold, stockings and/or high knees are essential. For us fashion geeks it's just more to play with. I'm very traditional when it comes to stockings-- I always buy black. My mission for this winter is to experiment with other colors as well. For example, I have a vision of a perfect pair of thin grey stockings. (Grey IS a color, okay...)

Citea - My new favorite tea shop/cafe in Amsterdam!

 Enjoy and embrace the new week!