A Continuation of the my travel series: All roads lead to Roma


 Ah, I'm so infatuated with Rome. The buildings, the narrow streets, the mysterious corners, the old buildings, the flowers, the men- everything! I am clearly not the only one who has been charmed by Rome as it has been the subject of countless movies, books, and paintings. In fact, I had to constantly resist the urge to sing "This is what dreams are made of" out loud from the Lizzie McQuire movie (which took place in Rome as if you didn't already know that).
During my time I also discovered that I would be better off if gelato was made illegal. However, as it is very legal and very present, I happened to consume  more or less my own weight in it and let's not even get started with pizza.

I have to admit though that I had been expecting a rome experience more similar to When in Rome but to my disappointment I did not get to dance in the fountain, and all the men in Rome did not fall in love with me. However, I refuse to believe that it was due to a personal fault and blame the fact that the Fontana di Trevi was closed. See, maybe this was actually a small victory as now I have a new (completely coherent) reason to revisit Rome. I'm positive that next time I go (and dance in the fountain like Kristen Bell), my personal Pablo/Nick will find me.

The weather in Rome was so hot. I wore a lot of flowy bottoms, which shaded my legs from the burning sun but didn't suffocate my legs in heat. Also, a good piece of advice for future visitors would be to wear good shoes. I ignored this for my first day and wore flats (as you can see from the first pictures) and had to pay for it dearly in terms of achy and blistered feet. After that I wore my white converse everywhere. However, for dinner at night I wore heels. If you want to wear heels, bring wedges because those are so comfortable on the cobble stone streets.

This is the last travel focused post after this I'll refocus more on fashion and what I have been wearing. Tell me though if you like reading about my travels so I know what you guys think!