In the Ibiza night

I've been a bit anxious about making this post because I've been trying to think "How do I make it look nice?" But that's just it- you don't. There are going to be colored pictures together with  black and white pictures. Good quality pictures with bad quality pictures taken with my phone. I decided that in order to give you guys a realistic glimpse to my nights in Ibiza, I had to let go of my obsessive need to make everything look so goddamn esthetic (You should see me with instagram) and just embrace the picture chaos.  So now that I have decided to let go of my weird obsessive need, I'm just going to dive right in. You ready?

Well anyway to start off I might as well explain a bit about Ibiza and its clubs for those who have never been. The main towns that I have been to and can (semi-legitimately at least) explain are the Ibiza town, which is the biggest town on the Island, and San Antoni, which is a lot smaller by comparison. Ibiza town contains a city vibe while San Antoni has this beachy holiday resort vibe. I suppose some could make a comparison between it and the Jersey Shore. (The guidos and the Jersey shore cast are replaced by the large population of the loud, drunken tourists. Mostly British.) There are about 12 huge clubs in Ibiza. The most well known are the oldest ones:  Pasha (the best and oldest of all if you ask me), The Privilege (used to be called "the Q"), Amnesia, and Space. In addition to those there is Ushuaia, an elite hotel, which holds awesome concerts and parties so it is often counted as one of the clubs. I have been to Pasha, the Privilege, Ushuaia, and Amnesia (we went to Amnesia last year) myself. Many of these clubs are very concert-like because they are so huge and there is almost always a well known DJ playing. For example we saw Guetta in Ushuaia.

Usually people dress up for Ushuaia as it is a bit more expensive and a lot fancier than someplaces. However, we opted for spandex shorts and 7-euro shirts (which we found from a random tourist shop) because we were heading to privileges neon paint party afterwards. The outfit was cheap AND it was very comfortable regardless of the jumping up and down and dancing like crazy in the stuffed crowd for almost 10 hours straight. The thing is, I love dressing up for concerts because you can experiment with your make up. We added little crystal bead stickers to our make up for the crazy festival feel.

 After Ushuaia we rushed to a burger joint near by for a midnight snack and then took a cab to the Privilege. The dress code for Privilege was much more casual. Good thing too, since we ended up being soaked in paint from head to toe.

Literally seconds away from getting splashed in the face with paint
It was pretty crazy but we actually invented a pretty convenient life hack for you guys! Instead of bringing an expensive clutch, we put our phones and some money in ziploc bags! The Iphone (I haven't tried with any other phone yet) registers your touch through the bag so basically it worked as a DIY waterproof phone case. (See below)

Also you might have already spotted that we had a few flasks with us. This is another good tip: Whenever you can bring/sneak in your own booze - do it. First of all, even a small water bottle at a club (I.e. Pasha, Privilege,...all the big ones) costs 10 euros. So bringing your own drinks saves you money. Another thing it does is it eliminates the safety hazard of someone spiking your drink because after all it's Ibiza, and ccording to all the crazy stories I've heard you'd much rather be safe than sorry.

You know, just a few friendly tips along the way!

Pasha was the last one of the big clubs that we went to. Pasha was/is my favorite by far because of its compact dance floor. Don't get me wrong though, the club itself is huuuge! It's just that the close proximity of the DJs and the dancers due to the shape of the dance floor makes the event seem like a party and a not just some concert, which is something I personally like. When we went to Pasha we had Steve Aoki and Afrojack play together and they were so good. Afrojack is so talented as a DJ and you would never guess how good he is live from the stuff you hear on the radio.

My outfit for Pasha!

The dress code for Pasha is a lot more formal just like the club itself. Also, Pasha is known for its hippie flower theme. I actually got the lace top from a hippie market on the previous day!

In Pasha we danced with so many people. By the end of the night Steve Aoki and Afrojack started throwing pies into the crowd and of course my friend Mathilde had gotten herself into the front row and shortly became the number one target for the pie. The hilarious part was that it kinda looked like puke so you can just imagine a cab driver's delight of having to drive us home.

In addition to the big clubs, we spent many nights club hopping in Ibizza town and San Antoni . In San Antoni there is "the west end" simply referred to as "the west" which is basically this street that is packed with regular clubs. In there it's much easier to get to know and talk to new people and we ended up making a lot of new friends. All in all, the long nights in Ibiza filled me with so many cherishable memories. One thing I learned was that the only thing better than going to bed to a radiant sunset is going to bed to a radiant sunrise, and that's the luxury and lifestyle of the crazy, magneficient, Ibiza.

Until later.