Warmer Winds


Pants - Gina Tricot
White blazer - Target
Shoes - River Island
Basic V-neck - Zara

(I'm guessing Grigoria's wearing 70% Zara knowing her)

I'm so much happier now that it is warm. It's also so much easier to dress. My style becomes so chilled during the summer. This look was a few days back on a really nice day.

Today it was warm but rainy. I'm sitting in my bed at the moment listening to Rhodes and Childish Gambino. I was supposed to go to bed at least three hours ago but my brain just wants to chill. Going to bed actually takes up effort.

I'm so ready for summer though. I want to sit in the sun and eat water melon with a spoon. I want to travel. I want to read the books I want and not the ones I'm told to read. I want to go on brunches. I want to go on late night dinners. I want the wind to be gentle and warm and not a cold bitch slap in the face. I want to spend time at my country house and see the sunset from the terrace of our sauna. 

So close but yet so far.