Happy 1 out of 365

Happy new year my loves!! This is what I wore for new year's eve. The dress is from Bik Bok and the necklaces I got from Gina Tricot. As per usual, I went on a shopping frenzy on the actual "it-day". The dress was pretty cheap. Apparently, it was a left over from the christmas stock but it worked for new years just as well in my opinion. I love the back and the golden pendant that hangs down your back. I just realized that I didn't take a picture where you could see it properly but I really love that detail. It also went well with the rest of my jewelry. Another apology for the quality of the pictures. It was fairly dark so I had to set the shutter speed low and we could not steady the camera enough. Oh well, I'm sure  nobody cares!

My new year celebrations are pretty hazy to me to be honest. We ended up going to a club after all and I got decently wasted. The night ended in me face planting in front of a taxi. Later the driver commented how he'll most likely always remember my glorious slip and how he only saw a whoosh of hair as I went down. Besides, the drilling headache from my hangover I don't feel much difference to last year. I can only fathom the greatness of all the lame great jokes and puns people are brewing in their minds whilst snickering to themselves. 
Anyhoo, I wish you all a great new year! May your hangovers ease you gently into the new year and may you, not abstain from making mistakes, but make better mistakes. The new year provides us a whole new chance to make thousands of errors and fuck ups so my challenge to you is to at least get creative with it. After all there's only 365 days left until we can reinvent ourselves yet again, and when your annoying relative brings up yet again how you sounded like a wailing moose in your off-key cover of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You because that one night you had a weak moment and you drunkenly said yes to Karaoke, or when you forgot to set your spotify account to a private session before listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks christmas carols and it got published on to Facebook, you can brush it off.  Because, god, that was last year and your a totally changed person now.

Happy New Year 2015!