A fever for a change


Fur - Zara
Shirt - Brandy M.

I have no idea how these pictures are going to turn out as I had to do everything by using my phone. Why? Because my lap top broke. I have been recently the subject of a huge tide of bad luck. First my lap top broke, then my phone screen (a screen protector is keeping it intact as we speak), then I heard that I have registered myself to the completely wrong courses for the next period, and today I had to walk to uni because the wheel of my bike broke. I'm starting to remind myself of the movie Just My Luck! Haha!
But regardless of my bad luck it's good to be back. I had such hard time hauling over all the clothes I bought in sales from Finland but I effing did it. For example, I got the fur coat from Zara for 19.99e! I'm very happy with it. If we are talking fashion here, in hind sight I probably would switch the skirt to jeans as the fur is already a big center piece in itself (also it was cold as hell) but this works too. 
I've been getting a make over fever again. I want to go super light blonde and have this faded pastel color ombre-ish fade on one side at the bottom. I cannot explain it better than that but if I go through with it you'll see what I mean. Going back to blonde seems to be the thing now if you check out what all the celebs have done with their hair, and since I'm already relatively blonde I might as well go blonder. 

I also redid my nails as a part of my fever for change! Whaddya think?