Hello, hello! I'm back from Ibiza. I took so many pictures I thought the memory card may explode. The trip was absolutely wonderful. It was the second summer that I got to spend time at my friend's house in Ibiza. I'm absolutely in love with the house and especially obsessed with the infinity pool. I seriously cannot thank her and her family enough for letting Elna, my other friend from the states and I stay with them each year. The best part of the trip definitely was reuniting with my friends from the states and just spending quality time with them. They are the type of friends who you just click with immediately and it doesn't even feel like you've been separated for a year. The house is in San Antoni up on the hills and the view from there is absolutely breathtaking. There is nothing like waking up and going to sleep to that view each day. 

I got the bikini I'm wearing from Gina Tricot. I got it while doing some "panic shopping" on the same day that our flight was due. I absolutely love the top. It doesn't really look like swimwear but it's made from the swimwear material. My friends laughed at it though as it reads 'tomboy' in front which I suppose I'm the opposite of. I guess I could say that I'm wearing it ironically, ha. The only negative side to the top is the massive tan lines it leaves. You can avoid that by bringing multiple tops and switching around like I did.

I think I'm going to divide all the pictures into many posts so don't worry I'll tell you more about the trip and Ibiza very soon.