New week, new games

Hey lovelies!
Today I wore a white blazer (it's an old one I decided to bring back one more time from the reject pile heading to UFF), a sweater (that actually has studs on the shoulders) and a good old beanie to hide a baaaaad hair day. As I was rocking full-out oldies today, I can't tell you the source of things I wore as I quite honestly don't remember (except for the purse from DKNY). My life is still "same old, same old". We have a little less than two weeks left until our study leave starts! For national line students the matriculation exams are almost over already and I'm sooo jealous! On a more positive note though, I finally sent in my application to Maastricht for law!! I have decided to not go to Liverpool after all regardless of the offer, so it looks like my choices are going to be either Maastricht, a gap year and a finnish law school or a gap year and reapplying to UK. We'll see what I decide when the time comes…

Also, I have (still) been working out and I'm beginning to see some progress!! I can almost see my abs!  This week I'm having a detox week so I'm hoping to see some progress by the end of it as well.

I hope you all kicked off your week well! We'll see if I'm going to act like a bear who has been stung in the back by the end of this week ha ha! Wish me luck.