Bag- Alexander Wang
White bow top- Good Night Macaroon
Spike necklace- ASOS
Black wedges- Daily Look
Studded leather shorts with a zipper- UNIF (nastygal.com)
Stockings - American Apparel

Today i felt like doing a brief outfit collage! It's been raining the whole day which has been giving me killer head aches... I've spent the whole day on look book and different online stores drooling on all the lovely clothes and I came into a conclusion: I NEED MORE SHOES! I seriously feel like i'm recycling 2 pairs of shoes and it's getting so boring. I need to start saving up! I feel so unproductive today and i'm supposed to write a paper and a lab report for bio... Ah crap. The only productive thing i did today was going to the gym.
However on a higher note, i have a hair appointment booked for tomorrow and i'm really excited! I hope my hair's not gonna turn out disaster since i've been waiting for this for a month now. Yikes!!
xxxx, Juuls