Since i'm a new blogger, i thought i should maybe do a short introduction and write a bit about myself and the blog:

I'm 17 years old and I just moved back to Finland last summer. Before that i lived in the US for about 3 years right on the border of NY and CT (: I'd define my style somewhere between grunge and boho i guess. I love to dress up and right now my obsessions are red lip and ombre. I'm not that good of a writer so i'll probably concentrate more on the photography aspect rather than writing. Also, I choose to write in English 'cuz after 3 years abroad i suck at writing in Finnish. Like honestly I have no problem with chatting and speaking in Finnish but writing just feels weird. Furthermore, i want my blog to be international so it works. Don't be too harsh on me though 'cuz i've never done this before and i'm still learning.

Grand Central Subway

Bleecker Street, Manhattan