Chill out, it's summer

FINALLY my summer vacation has begun! It's funny how I still feel guilty some days for doing nothing because I'm used to this constant nagging feeling of having undone school work that has to be completed. Is anyone else experiencing something similar?
Here's an outfit I wore recently. Nothing special but comfortable and stylish, in other words, perfect for the summer vacation! Also it was put together in 5 minutes. A few key pieces, good pair of shorts and your favorite pair of sunnies, can make the perfect outfit in a matter of seconds.
I know I have been lazy with putting up posts but this will now change since now I obviously have more time for blogging. Yayy!
If your summer vacation hasn't begun yet then all I have to say is stay strong my friend! The last weeks are always the most painful but it will end soon. If your summer has begun then I hope you've had a lovely and peaceful vacation so far and remember to drink a lot of water and go outside! :)