Cali Love

 It feels like summer is just around the corner! Today I've been kicking around in other people's clothes. I mean that's what friends are for, right?? I'm legitimately in love with the top I stole, ahem, borrowed from a friend and my sister's cropped denim jacket.
I was so upset today when I found out that my perfect crunchy heel ankle boots, which I bought from River Island had been sent back to the store by the postal service. Apparently they had sent me one slip telling me about the arrival of the parcel but I never got it so they sent the parcel back. I'm just so annoyed that they wouldn't call me or email me before sending it back even though I had all my contact information on it. I had even added a message saying "If not home leave in the front". Even if this wasn't enough, I had sent so many emails not only to my local post service but also the DPD and the store asking about the whereabouts of the parcel but no one had been able to locate the parcel and tell me that it was at the post office. I'm still so freaking frustrated! All this time the shoes had been right there and I had no idea. Seriously, I wanted to scream when I heard.

Hopefully you guys had a bit luckier week than I did! And for those lucky ducks who got to go to Coachella, welcome back!