Masquerade Ball

Jumpsuit - Zara

On last Friday one of our law associations held a masquerade ball for charity. I went of course as I would never pass up on an opportunity to dress up. To be honest, the jumpsuit was such a radical choice for me as until now I've held on to the belief that I'm too short and pudgy to wear it. However, in the midst of a "what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-wear crisis" a good friend of mine convinced me to buy it, helped buy the eagerly nodding staff member who probably just wanted me to buy something. All in all, I'm glad she did because 
a) Did I look like Kate Moss in it? No, but
b) Did I look like a bad-ass bitch from hell biking in it while other girls were flashing their privates to the whole town? Absolutely. 
Just kidding I do think I was totally channeling my inner Moss in that wonderful blue piece.

More OOTDs coming SOON stay tuned!