Best of Paris Fashion Week Catwalks 2015

So who else is infinitely upset about not getting to attend Paris Fashion Week this year? No worries though. Here I have gathered my absolute favorites from the catwalks. Fashion week saw a lot of edgy looks (i.g. Saint Laurent), collars, and influence from the 60's.
I've never claimed to be a fashion analyst and I certainly don't claim to be one now. Fashion week always brings me tremendous inspiration to my everyday looks, and so this year again I concentrated on the wearable fashion. Here are my favorite designers and three favorite looks from their collections that really caught my eye (not in order):

1. Moon Young Hee

This was absolutely one of my favorite women's wear collections by far. Firstly, because I'm all about wearable fashion, and I could have found myself wearing any of his pieces shown on the cat walk.

2. YDE

Smart collars, lace up derbies, and fur. Skirt length to the knee. Very current, yet so timeless. I've been looking for a soft knit dress like on the far right to easily throw on my way to the library or the mall.

3. Louis Vuitton

Ahh, I am absolutely obsessed. Pointy toe ankle boots everywhere. Inspiration overload. I love the play with pattern and texture. This collection had some serious edge to it.

4. Iris Van Herpen

Pencil skirts meet "net" stilettos. The collection embraces womanhood with pieces that are sexy yet scream power. Also big emphasised collars were shown in this collection as well. I didn't love everything in the collection as Iris Van Herpen played a lot with shapes and pattern that wear more exotic to the eye. However, the ones I did like (including the three looks below) definitely raised IVH to one of my absolutely favorite designers. This collection was made to the ultimate power woman.

5. Chanel

Chanel was literally the queen of pattern. The collection incorporated some wild combinations of different patterns and colors. The checkers and plaid were very much dominant in that scheme. This was one of the collections that visibly depicted strong influences from the 60's. After seeing the collection, I'm bound to buy the first long plaid coat I set my eyes to. 

6. Shiatzu Chen

Shiatzu Chen brought a refreshing pop of pink and red from Japan. I'm especially obsessed with look on the far right. The polished/shiny leather seems to be in this fall. You can also achieve a similar look buy buying the nude or black rain coat from Zara, which conforms to the same look. Also, hallelujah at metallic shoes and pointy toe!

7. Chloé

Nothing gets my attention like mid-thigh dresses/skirts with boots. I loved the soft textures and the romanticism of this collection. Lacey dresses, oversized sweaters, long wool coats that drag the ground, and 70's hippie vibe. In general I was very pleased with it all. 

8. Sonia Rykiel

Ok, first of all, LOVED the library theme... I had such a hard time choosing my favorite looks from this collection but I chose these because a) I've been to converted to the religion of blue one-pieces now, b) once again we see knee high socks on the catwalk, which seems to be a pattern this year, and c) The metallic color seems to be another popular trend that has been manifesting itself in different forms.  

9. John Galliano

And once again we have the hem of long wool coats majestically reach the ground. John Galliano surprised me very positively. I'd even go on to say that he was one of my favorite designers of the week.  

10. Léonard

I think the main reason why I loved this collection was because he had so many all-white looks. I'm obsessed with all-white looks as of now... (Currently wearing all white)

+ 1 Balenciaga

I loved the play on black and white and plaid as a unifying arch over the whole collection. The edgy style was juxtaposed with fancy earrings and a formal classy bun. 

In a few final words, the trends of next fall include a lot of plaid, black and white, high necks, metal, and long luscious trench and wool coats. I loved Valentino, and Alexander McQueen as the collections were ultra dramatic and high fashion. I was a little bit disappointed in Celine and Acne Studios but I'm pretty sure that was just me.

Who was your FW favorite this year?


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