Turku, Finland


Dress - Bershka
Shoes - HM
Hat - Adidas

It was nice to be home in Finland for the weekend! I still have another period of uni to get through before summer holidays, so it felt so good to just worry about nothing and kick back. The weather also was on my side for once, as we got to enjoy the 8 pm sunshine typical for a Finnish summer. My sister and I had a little road trip as we drove up to another city to see our friends. Everything was just so calm and peaceful and it just felt so worthwhile despite the short stay. 
I've finally gotten on board with the cap-craze. I own quite a few and have been meaning to also wear them. Honestly, I just haven't gotten around to it because let's face it, they are pretty darn hard to pull off. The cute girls in caps abundantly seen on social media make it seem so effortless with their symmetric faces and sleek straight hair. It can then feel a bit discouraging to stare at yourself in the mirror with your face seeming super wide all of a sudden and your hair just going all over the place, manically trying to swipe it back. (This is of course just, you know, hypothetical. Obviously I am, like, too good for these kind of problems. Cough. Cough.) So, you may think to yourself in a fit of rage 'how the **** do these social media bloggers do it, goddamn it??' Well no worries, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for girls like me who do not have a sleek straight hair or any other attributes as such. Number one trick is that your hair is a lot more manageable if you pull your hair into a sleek loose pony with only a few strands framing your face. Suddenly all that hair falling too thick around your face that you are desperately trying to swipe back to get that sleek long effect is not an issue anymore. (I tried putting my hair behind my ears also but with thick wavy hair like mine -notice my  sneaky self-compliment- my ears protruded weirdly out of the cap. If you have this problem then you know what I mean). Another tip, if you do not want to tie it, is to straighten it. If however, you turn out to have none of these problems I mentioned then, the odds are, that you are one of the sleek-haired-symmetric-face biatches I just mentioned earlier. Congratulations, you could have just skipped this section all-together. Also, for the record, when a blonde short girl appears in your room and shaves off your hair and steals it whilst you sleep, then...Ahem... it wasn't me. As for the rest of you, if I could pull it off then you can too. <3 p="">
Catch up with you soon!