Skirt - Zara
Bag - Ralph Lauren
Shoes -Stan Smith
Dress - Mango
Shoes - Stan Smith

In my opinion cities can be divided by their preferable season. For example New York is an early autumn city whereas Paris is a spring city all the way. With that in mind I'd say that Berlin is a summer city. Especially during the summer Berlin knows no boundaries between nature and the cityscape. The green effortlessly blends into the industrial cement and glass and old stone buildings and graffiti of downtown. It's almost like Berlin knows no rules, or no one cares. The atmosphere feels free. Parks are full and dads are pushing strolls on their morning walk with an opened beer in their hand. Live music spills on to the streets from nearby pubs. The woman sitting opposite of me in the U-Bahn has tree branches peeking out of her handbag. She is probably an artist, I think to myself. No one else seems to wonder; this is normal in Berlin.  

Favorite parts of town so far:


Favorite places to eat so far:

Distrikt Coffee (Mitte) - Amazing breakfast - try the butter pancakes
Anna Blume (Prenzlauer Berg) - 

Breakfast, the place is named after a poem, say no more right?
Monsieur Vuong (Mitte) - Amazing Vietnamese

Hopefully I will be back!