San Sebastian and Biarritz

San Sebastian, Spain

White Blouse & Denim Skirt - Zara
Choker - H&M
Shoes - Nike
Sunglasses - Monki


Biarritz, France

Swimsuit - ASOS
Sunglasses - Monki

 Alright, folks! This is the part two of my trip, namely my stay in San Sebastian and Biarritz. Even though the cities are quite different, they have one thing in common: Surfers. That brings me to the  most important segment of this post, namely the segment called 'important life lessons by Juulia' . The advice that I, as your, friend want to give you is that do not attempt to surf for the first time in your life while being a) sunburnt or b) hungover. Unfortunately I happened to be both when I hopped on that board in Biarritz. Still, I didn't die nor did I kill anybody else. Therefore, I considered the experience a success! (If you set your standards low you will always succeed). Despite my slight handicap in balance, I managed to hop on the board and stand up twice. (Again, if you set your standards low...).

 We only spent a day in San Sebastian, so we didn't get the chance to try out the famous night club (the only nightclub in San Sebastian) nor climb Monte Urgull. However, we did have time to stroll down the beach walk in the the famous Concha bay (Bahía de la Concha) and we even found the cutest little vegan restaurant in the chicest 'glass box house'. I regret not writing down the name but I will try to find it and will insert it here if I do. Also, you won't want to miss out on pintxos in Parte Vieja during the night. Parte Vieja is an old part of the town with romantic atmosphere and narrow streets. 

In Biarritz we got to spend a lot more time.  I must admit I fell in love with the town. The atmosphere is just full of easy and relaxed beach vibes. You can smell the sea on the streets and people walk around in relaxed and boho chic surfer clothes. Everything and everyone is so French: Sophisticated without looking like one is trying too hard. 

In Spain, the main look on women on the streets seemed to consist of thick sole sandals, an A-lined beach dresses and long flowy hair. In France, I saw a lot of breezy loose pants paired with white cotton blouses and low careless buns. Two nations of people with such different cultures and styles and yet one shared common factor: a killer fashion sense!

Until next time!