Cotton Candy and Hair Talk

Shoes & Dress - New Look
Rings - Acessorize

Me and my regular sidekick and co-photographer Griggy decided to fuck it all (including our diet clearly) and went to get a huge cotton candy cone during our lunch break. It was so nice and summery (if summery is not a word I apologize). Lots of people hustling around going about their business in the sun, happy sounds from the amusement park in Vrijthof square, and flowers. Like, everywhere. Not exactly the ideal setting to spend the days in the library.
I was so happy with my hair though. It is so easy to do, only takes twisting the hair and a few hair pins. I will attempt to explain it here but I might do a tutorial video later.

First, you take two sections of hair from one side of the very front of your face, and twist the lower section of hair over the upper one. You keep on twisting, but each time you lift whichever lower section over the higher one, you take additional hair into the lower section. (For those who know how to french braid this is very similar. When the length of the twisted section is so long it passes my ears, I stop taking in new hair and just keep on twisting until it reaches the back of my head. I do this to both sides and then attach them together behind my head into a little ponytail with a clear plastic hair tie. (Top left picture)
Now, if you want to leave your hair open it looks pretty awesome this way too. However, if you do decide to proceed forward, the main idea is to twist the remaining hair into a bun and basically there is no wrong way to do this. Here is how I did it: I twisted the remaining hair and pulled it up over my twisted pony and then pulled it back down through the loop created by the united sections of hair. Then, as shown in the second picture (top right), I attached the end of the twist to where my united sections were. This created a fun little twisted, droopy loop. I grabbed the bottom of the loop and kind of folded it into two adding hair pins were needed, until it looked nice.

I hoped the explanation made sense, if not, I can always try and film it.
Enjoy the sunny days.