When people ask me about my blog, I always tell them that this is 'the project'; my one child, project that feels like it's never complete or perfect. It's born from sweat, tears, sleepless nights editing after school work, and countless fashion disasters. However, not enough praises are heard over those who I drag along with me through this project, on my quests to find the 'perfect spot' for photos. Those, who wait patiently while I'm adjusting the exposure, or try to figure out the perfect angle. These people do it out of the sole goodness of their hearts and contribute to my blog immensely. 
This post series is a tribute to my friends, siblings, parents, relatives, and heck, even some strangers. This is a heart-felt thank you to the people behind the lens.


This Greek native is my go-to woman. She's behind most of my posts here in Maastricht, and is the secret to how I'm able to keep my blog so active whilst studying. We have these quick photoshoots, where I bring my camera to wherever we study, and we quickly go and shoot an outfit over the lunch break. Quite frankly, every fashion bloggers should have their own Grigoria. 
Grigoria studies International Business and is currently a first year in Maastricht University. I sat her down and fired some questions at her.

 What is the one key piece in your closet, you could not live without?
   My gold and black satin jacket from Zara with embroidery. It's double faced so it's like having two  jackets in one.

Who is your fashion muse?
My two 'muses' would be Taylor Tomasi Hill and Leandra Medine.

3. Heels or flats?


 A skirt or pants?

A skirt.

 Describe our relationship with one word.

Hmm I would say Mother-daughter... Haha, does that count as one?

No, that's not even a word.

Pshh, it counts as one just write that there.

If you could live in the world of a TV-series, which one would it be?

Gossip girl!


I will keep posting behind the lens series every now and then.

Thanks for reading!