London pt. 2

Boots - Spy Love Buy
Dress & Leather Jacket - Zara

Here's the final set of pictures from London! I was rather pleased with my outfit of the day. A bit more attitude than usual combined with a fresh face. In my face and hair I used this secret beauty product called laziness. It did work pretty well though.
 I finally found a solution to my dilemma of how to keep the boots from riding down when I walk: fashion tape!! It seriously is a life saver, not only with boots but also bras and dresses. I got mine from Primark. 
I miss London already. I had so much fun and I loved seeing my family. I still have a long and hard way to go until exams and summer. I will probably sit in the library all day, so sadly you can expect a little less posting from me. Although, I am currently wearing a killer outfit that I'll try to shoot today and perhaps blog later during this week.

Congrats to those of you who are already done with exams and to those who are still studying, I can only say stay strong! <3 p="">